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Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Zach White attended Indian Hill High School as well as 2 different boarding schools -- Salisbury School and Colorado Rocky Mountain School. He attended 1 semester of College at Ohio State - Newark and decided he wanted to work in the video game industry instead. He drove across the country to Los Angeles to work for Take-Two Interactive as a quality assurance tester for 2K Games. He later worked temporarily for Jakk's Pacific as a QA tester before moving back home to reunite with his family. He worked as a cook, truck driver and tent crew member, as well as side jobs like Fuel Crew Captain for SW Racing, an amateur race team that competed with 2 cars in a 13 hour endurance race. Zach was later hired to design a video game for Conscious Dimensions where he created N-1 Games and a tower defense game titled Ramthor's Labyrinth. He now owns and operates this company, works with 3 other start up companies, and invests in medical technologies of the future. Dedicated to making the world a better place, Zach invites you to assist him by joining the White Light Creator movement -- by peacefully making the world a better place, one individual at a time. 

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